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Dear art enthusiasts,

von fraunberg art gallery is dealing primarily with contemporary art. We are a showroom for "young art". In our showroom, we present "young fine artists" with a focus on pupils of the Düsseldorf Art Academy, as well as renowned international artists. 

Our programme will guide you through group exhibitions and individual presentations in the fields of figurative painting, new media, sculptures/objects and photography.

Apart from our activities with regard to exhibitions and brokerage, we also offer our services in the field of art consulting with our special competencies.

Furthermore, the segments art trade and art event are offered by the art gallery  Antonia v. Fraunberg and constitute a supplement to the spectrum of the gallery.

Upcoming Exhibition

Alpay Efe / Anna Stroh / Anne-Katrin Puchner / Burkhard Kern / Felix Büchel / Helen Fux /
Mahssa Askari / Maxim Wakultschik / Zhou, Xin

Passend zu Weihnachten 2017 präsentieren wir Ihnen Highlights, welche Sie sich nicht entgehen lassen sollten.

Gemeinsam mit Ihnen möchten wir die besinnliche Zeit 2017 einläuten und Sie exklusiv
zum 1. Advent am Sonntag, 03.12.2017 von 14.00 – 18.00 Uhr, herzlich in unsere Galerieräume auf der Luisenstraße 53, Düsseldorf, einladen.



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A big thanks to all our guests, who took part in the great opening of our actual exhibition and of...

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