Gisela Krohn* – „the end of the night“– new paintings

In her first solo show in Duesseldorf, we present the artist Gisela Krohn ((*1966 in Cologne, lives and works in Berlin and at the Starnberger See).

In a subtle play of colors and fascinating compositions Gisela Krohn succeeds in addressing the beauty of nature and its threat in equal measure.
Her work always has a deeper dimension: in their organic structure, fragility and vulnerability, they are similar to nature.

Welcome: Antonia v. Fraunberg, gallery owner
Introduction: Dr. Stefanie Lucci, art historian

Please make a RSVP for your attendance by mail or phone.

Looking forward to your visit!

Durance of the exhibition: 08.03. – 20.04.2018


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Die erste Präsentation der Werke von Gisela Krohn in unserer Galerie führte viele interessierte...

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A big thanks to all our guests, who took part in the great opening of our actual exhibition and of...

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