For our Summer Special we are very pleased to present the Swedish-German artist Theresa Kallrath with her current colorful works in our gallery. The works of the award-winning artist captivate with bright colors while the non-color black is deliberately left out and the paintings thus evoke a positive mood in the viewer. Known from national as well as international exhibitions and fairs she also promotes top-class brands with her modern color-optimistic works.

For this purpose, we cordially invite you and your friends to the exhibition opening on Saturday, 02.07.2022 from 2-6 p.m. in our gallery rooms.

You can expect a statement about the artist by art historian Agnieszka Mese and great jazz live music by singer 'Junodori'.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Auf der Veranstaltung werden Foto- und Videoaufnahmen gemacht, mit deren auch späteren Verwendung Sie sich durch den Besuch der Veranstaltung einverstanden erklären.


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